Monday, April 23, 2007

Westboro Baptist Church - God Hates the World...And Monday's This and That

Just too unbelievable. On the heels of announcing they'd be picketing the funerals of those killed in last week's Virginia Tech massacre, the 'church' released this little musical gem for our enjoyment. YouTube has it up...for some reason I can't get it uploaded directly here, here's the link:

I've come across so much idiocy today, that I've decided to list them here and give a few brief (Okay...maybe not so brief, lol) comments on each one...

**Concerned Women for know, the group whose 'talking head' is Matt Barber (I still fume over the notion that a group of women need a man to be their spokesperson)...has lashed out at last week's "Day of Silence." In their most recent rant, CWA takes yet another opportunity to point to that ever elusive agenda of the LGBT community as the absolute root of all evil and the ultimate corrupter of all that is good and decent. No wonder I'm so damn tired at the end of the day!

**WingNutDaily's founder, Joseph Farah, has an article up condemning the search engine Google as being 'evil.' Of course, a great deal of this little journalistic tidbit is nothing but pure, unadulterated pimping for his latest book, but that's beside the point. If you've got the stomach for it and an urge to get in a good laugh or two, check out some of his other articles...

Dump the 'gay' beat - 2/24/07

Google censors China criticism in U.S. - 4/10/07

And, of course...a typical 'the sky is falling' rant... It's not just Imus - 4/13/07

**Americans For Truth ...the ones who have committed themselves to exposing and defeating the homosexual agenda, have posted a response to the "Day of Silence," aptly named "Day of Truth." It's worth a read, but try as they may...they're incapable of promoting anything other than their very clear-cut agenda...debasing, degrading and promoting hatred.

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