Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday's This and That

**It's amazing to me how the wingnuts have come out of the woodwork this week to display their ignorance and distort the facts concerning the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. I've expounded on this issue quite a bit, so I won't get overly repetitive. Compare the claims made with the actual text of the bill, and see for yourself. Here are a few examples...

*The Traditional Values Coalition (crazier than the folks over at
WingNutDaily) have an article up on their site claiming that the bill will
result in the persecution of
. They also have a 'Wanted' poster up on their site,
claiming that Jesus would be in violation of the proposed legislation.

*Concerned Women of America claim that the bill is, 'an assault on equal
,' in their most recent bulletin. My favorite "talking
point" is their claim that the bill politicizes crimes. It's amazing to me
that they don't see the protection afforded to racial/ethnic groups in the bill
as a problem...but protecting homosexual and transgendered individuals is
motivated by a political agenda. Unbelievable.

*Not to be outdone, lol...WingNutDaily has yet another epistle
pointing out how Christians will be targeted under this legislation. Funny
thing is, they use a whole lot of the article from the Traditional Values
Coalition. So much for original thought, lol.

**The head wingnut, Joseph Farah, is talking about the evil that is Google...while pimping his book yet again. Likening the kids' search engine, KinderStart with David and Google with Goliath, Farah tries to portray Google as some major porn proliferater, and a bully. If you want a laugh...give it a read, lol.

**With all the voting going on in the house and senate this week on the hate crime legislation and the Iraq funding bill, what do you think is the big topic of discussion on Fox News? Looking at their front page, it seems Rosie O'Donnell is the big story for 3 of the 6 prime time shows. Again...Unbelievable!

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