Thursday, October 05, 2006

Washington Ethics?

I know, I know...a contradiction in terms, right? Apparently, that's what we're all expected to take comfort in, though...that all our hard-working representatives in Washington will be taking a close, hard look at the various ethical violations that occurred with the whole Foley debacle.

Honestly, I had a hard time typing that sentence without vomiting halfway through it. As more details funnel through to the public and more heads start rolling, I find it very hard to believe that we are supposed to relax in knowing that the our leaders will be investigating this now. It's being reported today in The New York Times, and many other major media outlets, that a House subcommittee will be investigating to see what ethics violations may have occurred.

"The chairman of the House committee, Representative Doc Hastings, a
Washington State Republican, said his committee had already moved to issue more
than four dozen subpoenas for documents and testimony from House members and the

So, it would seem that this little committee is on the right track...ready to gather the info and start kicking some asses, right? Keep reading...

“The investigation will go wherever the evidence leads us,” Mr. Hastings

I would have expected anyone heading an investigation like this, regardless of party affiliation, to have said something more difinitive than that. Something that gave me some assurance that everyone responsible for allowing Foley to keep his seat after seeing evidence of his behavior would be swiftly and harshly punished...would have been a start. The more it appears that Hastert and other GOP leaders wanted the story to disappear thirty seconds after Foley resigned, the more I question the legitimacy of any House investigation. I believe that an independent investigation is definitely called for in this instance...otherwise, we may never get to the truth of what really went on behind closed doors.

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