Monday, October 09, 2006

A Domino Effect?

US News and World Report is reporting that the GOP was worried that Hastert's resignation would cause a domino effect in Washington. The "discreet political calculation" was made based on speculation Reynolds, Boehner and any other republicans touched by the Foley story would be forced to resign as well.

Here's my question...what's wrong with that? Obviously the GOP is trying to stop the bleeding and retain as many seats as possible, fearing loss of control come November. But honestly, what's wrong with demanding that those who had knowledge of Foley's behavior and in any way contributed to a cover-up

Resignation is really much too easy a punishment for those involved with this entire scandal. Perhaps a domino effect is exactly what Congress needs right now to flush out anyone else who either are involved in this scandal or share Foley's pattern of behavior. Once exposed, I hope we hold them accountable and do more than require them to resign their precious seats in Congress.

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