Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Finally, a voice of reason amidst all the Foley insanity...the HRC has decided to condemn the actions of the politician they once endorsed. In a statement released by HRC president Joe Solmonese, the organization finally said what needed to be said of the scandal surrounding Mark Foley...

"Gay or straight, Democrat or Republican, it is completely inexcusable for an
adult to have this kind of communication with a minor. Congressman Foley brought
shame on himself and this Congress by his horrible behavior and complete lack of
judgment. We strongly condemn his behavior.” (source

Now, if we could just get the politicians to speak on this subject with the same focus and sense. Hastert has given a few interviews since I blogged yesterday, the last of which almost caused me to throw my television out of my window. After spending the day yesterday convincing everyone that he is, in fact, one of the stupidest people on the face of the earth, he actually topped his own stupidity by making the statement, "Well, I've always thought that he (Foley) was gay." That statement confirmed what I feared would be the inevitably drawn conclusion... gay=pedophile.

**Yes, Mr. Hastert...that's the point. It just doesn't take a wealth of intelligence to see that it makes absolutely no difference whether the minor in question was male or female. No adult should be engaging in this type of behavior with any minor...period.**

Then there was the revelation that the Republican leaders who apparently knew more than Hastert (go figure, lol) chose to call the congressional pages into a meeting to "warn" them about Foley. That was followed with Hastert's telling the media that the parents of the 16 yr. old wanted the situation to go away...attempting to explain why no one did anything about Foley earlier.

**Because telling the children to watch out makes so much more sense than forcing the adults they're working around to behave in an appropriate manner, right? And, if the truth does come out...blame the child's parents? I suppose that sounds better than the actual truth...that they sat with their thumbs up their asses so they wouldn't risk losing a precious seat in Congress.**

The Washington Times is one of the most conservative news sources in the business, and this morning (in their op/ed section) they've called for Mr. Hastert to resign as speaker.

"House Speaker Dennis Hastert must do the only right thing, and resign his
speakership at once. Either he was grossly negligent for not taking the red
flags fully into account and ordering a swift investigation, for not even
remembering the order of events leading up to last week's revelations -- or he
deliberately looked the other way in hopes that a brewing scandal would simply
blow away. He gave phony answers Friday to the old and ever-relevant questions
of what did he know and when did he know it? Mr. Hastert has forfeited the
confidence of the public and his party, and he cannot preside over the necessary
coming investigation, an investigation that must examine his own inept
performance. "

**Read the entire piece at...

While I agree completely with this article, I honestly think that Hastert is poised to become a scapegoat in this scandal. Inept and irresponsible? Sure he is/was...but he isn't the only person responsible for looking the other way on this one. As things stand right now, if Hastert resigns the Republicans will suggest that enough blood's been shed over this one, and the underlying issues will be tossed right back into the proverbial closet.

The statement from Mr. Solmonese at the HRC said it the best, and I would love to see Congress echo his position...that it makes no difference who the predator is or whether that person is gay or straight...this behavior won't be tolerated by anyone. Unfortunately, I think that the focus will continue to be Foley's sexuality, once again lumping every gay/lesbian person into the pedophile category.

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