Thursday, November 12, 2009

From Pink Slips to Rainbow Slips...

Recently Janet Folger, one of my favorite fundies, started a campaign to get constituents to send "pink slips" to their senators and congressmen. In short, these cute little notes are aimed at getting members of congress to vote against various pieces of legislation, namely anything having to do with hate crimes. She uses the usual rhetoric about how passing any hate crimes legislation would most certainly doom all members of the clergy to prison sentences. Basically, it's your usual fundie message claiming that the sky is indeed falling. What I find amazing, other than the fact that Ms. Folger thinks any hate crime legislation is evil, is that she's charging people to have these pink slips sent to the members of congress! I suppose her organization has fallen on hard times if she's requiring her supporters to pay to join her little grassroots action. Well, LGBT people of America...we can make a little grassroots noise of our own!
Here's what I propose...

Let's get as many people as possible to send "rainbow slips" to members of congress. Unlike Ms. Folger and her organization, we won't charge for you to participate. Simply copy my design...alter it some, if you wish, and send it to your representatives or to the entire congressional body.

Rep./Senator Smith
By receiving this rainbow
slip, you are on notice that your constituents demand your vote in our
favor on the following issues:

* The protection of every citizen’s
civil rights by passing hate crime legislation.

* Same-sex marriage with
equal recognition and rights as traditional marriages.

Signed: ____________________________________

Send this to your friends, and report back here in the comments section so we can all see our progress. Remember, if you sit quietly and do nothing, the status quo will remain. Be proud, be loud, and don't let the fundies get in the way of our civil rights!