Monday, August 27, 2007

Would You Like A Little Cheese With That Whine, Boys?

You know, I sat down this morning and, inevitably, landed on Peter LaBarbera's site (Americans for Truth) only to read what is probably one of the most insidious headlines I've seen in a while.
Referring to last week's article by talk radio host Kevin McCullough, Babs implored his fellow hatemongers...I mean, loyal support the idea that bloggers who happen to be gay are not only angry but lie all the time. He didn't even have the sense to change McCullough's original headline or, perhaps, he's just that unimaginative...who knows...but while the words, "Why Do Angry Gay Bloggers Always Lie," were there, the proof of those "lies" were nonexistent. Babs starts usual...with the focus on himself...

"As one who has been on the receiving end of too many online “gay” lies to
count, I can sympathize with Kevin McCullough – one of the few radio
conservatives nationwide who doesn’t downplay the homosexual issue. (And there
are some pretty big names in conservative radio who do by going ‘PC’ on
this issue with their silence … so support

Awwww, poor little hate-filled fundies! For all the anti-gay comments, campaigns and other efforts Pete has made and been involved in, I find it absolutely incredible...if not a bit nauseating...that he would have the audacity to complain about any legitimate rebuttal to his lame arguments, relegating them to the level of "online 'gay' lies." And, yes, I'm still wondering what's with the damn quotes around the word gay.

The only thing I could find in both articles (which are posted on AFT's site and can be read using the first link I gave in this post) that refers to a "lie" is the same, tired argument that fundies have been making all along...their belief that a person's sexual orientation is a choice and not a biological predetermination. I suppose the idea here is that if you don't agree with the fundies, you're a liar...plain and simple.

In his article, McCullough laments the name-calling he's endured...

[WARNING: NGBlog has a hard time making his point without cussing–Ed.] and OutsideTheTent
have had me in their sights for sometime.

And when the towering intellects that they both are come up short
against an actual point of substance the best they can do is call me stupid, or
poopy pants, or whatever brilliant turn of phrase pops into their skull.

They are so desperate to make me appear stupid they slow down the video of me discussing the
Mary Cheney pregnancy
on CNN to the one frame where in the middle of
speaking I appear half-inebriated. [See an AFTAH post on the Mary Cheney
baby story HERE.]


They also lie a lot… the lying liars they

The lying liars they are? Honestly, you'd think that a popular conservative talk radio host could do better than that! I won't stoop to any silly name-calling, but I will say that we do have an actual point of that will not vanish regardless of any vilification thrown our way. I and the other members of the LGBT community stand by our biological sexual orientation regardless of the obviously phobic and/or hateful misrepresentations of our identities. Since that seems to be the only point of contention for these two, I simply have to suggest they stop whining and accept the fact that we will continue to disagree...fundies will continue to try and paint us as the root of all evil, and gay bloggers will continue to poke holes in their arguments. As for this particular argument...seems you boys are the ones guilty of lying. So, take your cheese and curl up in a corner to whine some more...I know I'm not going to lose any sleep over it!

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