Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday's This And That

After a much needed vacation and computer changeover (I HATE Windows Vista!!!), I'm back to reading my news feeds. So, here are a few things to get your week started...

** In case you haven't heard, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned after several months of turmoil and controversy. I suppose it's better late than never, but this should have happened long ago. The question now is who will the Chimperor try to push for confirmation? Speculation suggests that Michael Chertoff (head of Homeland Insecurity who not only contributed to the botched Katrina "relief" efforts, but recently announced he had a "gut feeling" about an impending terror attack here in the states) will be up for the job, which would not only further diminish what little integrity the Attorney General's office has left but would also pave the way for yet another Bush appointee in the Homeland Security Department and, no doubt, a very heated confirmation process in Congress. How long until the next election?

** Michael Vick held a press conference where he seemed to apologize for his participation in a dog-fighting ring. I use the word "seemed" because let's face it...he is taking a plea agreement which doesn't fully cover everything in which he was involved, and he's far more upset with the fact he got caught than anything else, I would imagine. As for the bonuses he received from the Atlanta appears the franchise will attempt to go after about half of what they gave Vick. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for him...if and when he serves any time, he'll still be a multi-millionaire.

** Westboro Baptist Church has added Mexico to their ever growing list of countries that God apparently hates. Fred Phelps (aka The Rotting Cryptkeeper) either has a direct line to God or thinks he is God...I'm leaning toward the latter, lol. As usual, I refuse to give them a link, but if you find yourself wanting to develop a bad case of nausea, their site can be found on Google.

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