Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Babs Not Welcome At Holiday Inn

Peter LaBarbera's organization (Americans For Truth About Homosexuality) had booked a fundraising convention at a Chicago area Holiday Inn, but has since been told they are no longer welcome. Why? The hotel manager feared protests by what Babs calls pro-gay groups.

In an audio interview with Babs, Matt Barber of Concerned Women For America blew the entire situation out of proportion by making claims that the hotel was being anti-Christian by not allowing the group to convene at their establishment.

First of all, the hotel and its corporate officials do have the right to refuse service to anyone. Had this hotel refused service to HRC, PFLAG or any other group Babs despises, he'd be celebrating it on his site...and he knows it.

Second, Pete is known for being abrasive...if not abusive...toward anyone who disagrees with him. Any opponent is instantly denigrated in what I would deem a vicious manner. No wonder the hotel was worried about protests and the effect they might have on their other guests and future business.

Finally, perhaps Babs will come away from this situation with some understanding of what gay and lesbian couples go through. I highly doubt it, because his arrogance is so profound that I doubt anything...even experiencing what discrimination others endure on a regular basis...will be able to penetrate his thick skull.

Listen to the interview at your own risk, made me sick to my stomach.

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