Friday, February 19, 2010

Palin and Her Big Mouth

Just when I begin to think that Sarah Palin might actually have a brain, she opens her mouth and proves otherwise.  Her latest blunder...trying to outlaw the use of the word "retarded"...has irritated me to no end.

First of all, if you look up the definition of the word, you'll find that it is not, in any way derogatory.  In fact, a form of the word, the Italian "ritard" is used in music to indicate a slowing of tempo.  Should we omit that word from all our music?

Also, Palin slammed the show "Family Guy" for having a character with Down's syndrome in its Valentine's Day episode.  Bristol got in on it too, voicing her displeasure at the writers' introduction of the character and identify her with "a former governor of Alaska."  The voice actor who performed that part, who has Down's syndrome, said that she didn't have a problem playing the part and wasn't at all offended by it. 

The Terminator's take...We have enough political correctness, and we don't need to add to our list of words considered offensive.  Pretty soon, we'll have to stop talking altogether.  As for Palin, she might as well dress as a scarecrow and parade around singing, "if I only had a brain."