Saturday, February 13, 2010

Concerned Women Mad About Biased Judge

You all are gonna love this one!!  In the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger marriage trial in California, some infuriating comments have come from wrtiters over at Concerned Women for America.  This article, written by a man, by the way, tries to imply that the judge involved is biased because of his sexual orientation.  See, he's gay! 

*insert exasperated gasp here*

The very concerned woman, Mario Diaz, writes,

"Judge Walker allowed same-sex "marriage" supporters to present hours upon hours of irrelevant emotional appeals but little legal substance. Any reasonable observer could see there was nothing there. Time after time, witness after witness, those present could not help but wonder why this debate was even happening in that courtroom? Why was the judge allowing this circus to continue?"
First, I find putting the word marriage in quotes offensive.  Allowing two people who are committed to each other to marry has no impact on heterosexual marriages and should be viewed on equal footing.  As to the questions about the testimony, I don't know why Mr. Diaz is so confused.  If he wished to marry someone...anyone...and was told he couldn't, he too would have some painful, heartfelt comments to make if given the chance.  If he were in the same situation, he wouldn't be referring to the painful testimony of others as a "circus."

Further, what does the sexual orientation of the judge have to do with anything?  Honestly, if we were to apply the same standard to divorce cases, would the sexual orientation or relationship history of the judge be called into question?  No...because part of being a judge is to look at each case through the eyes of the law, without personal bias.  The whole concept of drawing attention to this judge's sexual orientation is baffling to me.

The Terminator's take...Mr. Diaz, an obviously very concerned woman, is an idiot, and he proves it in one of his final statements...

"Now, I know that the judge's sexuality is not really important legally. His biased, activist and unlawful decisions are the real problem and not his motives. But it sure helps to explain a lot."

Yep, Mr. explains a lot!